A downloadable game for Windows

This world is too small for the both of us!


High Noon Robots is a competitive multiplayer game played on a small planet, where two robo-sheriffs fight in a crazy and frenetic deathmatch. You can shoot your enemy, but be careful: if you miss it, you'll have to pay attention to your own bullet… it's a small planet, so watch your back!

You can also play it alone in survival mode, where you will have to avoid the bullets shot from evil red cactuses to survive as long as you can!

We hope you will enjoy it!

Powered by Unreal Engine 4


Requirements to play multiplayer

For the multiplayer mode a gamepad controller is required for the 2nd player. It works automatically with Xbox controllers; in case of PS4 controller, an external software is needed to make Windows recognize the gamepad.



1.1.1 - 30/04/2017

- Added settings menu

- More small UI fixes

- Tweaked the survival mode (single player)

1.1.0 - 27/04/2017

- Fixed and polished UI

- Fixed crashes on game menu

- Fixed and polished character animations blending

- Fixed camera position

- Fixed map collisions

- Fixed camera lowering during shield action

- Added particles effect for character hit

- Shield color now matches the player color

- Polished the start cutscenes

- Added sound to the start cutscenes

- Small tweaks to the ingame track volume

- Cleaned up the directories and reduced the size of the overall game

- Improved visuals of single player map

1.0.0 - 24/04/2017

- Initial release


High Noon Robots - Jam 448 MB
High Noon Robots - Post Jam 129 MB